Company Profile

Shenzhen BKL Technology Co., Ltd  was established in 2000, is a specialized in mold, plastic, electronic display products development, production and train business as well as centering on the R&D production ,and we are manufacturer and provide application solutions of display turntable and electric intelligent rotated stand...

Company Honor

The company has achieved a series of fruitful results. In the next few years, the company will continue to improve and innovate with its abundant strength, innovation and strive to become the first global brand of the display turntable...

Application Case

Intelligent electric display rotating stand series: height applies to standing Mannequins. Conventional LED display turntable series:The product design is mainly aimed at jewelry, luxury  watches, ceramics, mobile phones and other commodities...


How does the turntable works?
1) Put the object that you need to shoot on the turntable;
2) Link the turntable with your camera, then preview and adjust the focal distance through your camera lens;
3)Press the tele switch ,your camera will start to  capture the static image and shoot automatically;
4)The turntable will send a signal to your camera according to rotation angle to make it shoot automatically the images which are accordance with angle;
5)The images you shoot do not have to(need not) be dealt with the software---PS,and you can use it directly after you have uploaded it into your computer;
6)You can compile the image according to your own demands, making it to be the static image which can be rotated from differnet angles,such as the forms of gif, Flash, 360 carton and so on;
7)You can watch and share your photographs or pictures on any computers or mobile devices;
8)The shooting turntable is more convenient to your mobile working.

Company culture 

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