Japanese clients visited our company and negotiated business

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Shenzhen BKl technology Co., Ltd. continued to expand the international market, and has attracted the attention of many foreign Clients. Recently, Has Japanese Clients visited my company . The  purpose for further understand the strength of our company. And observe our products: Production technology level of electric turntable.

February 21, 2014, The Engineering Research of Japan Co., Ltd., They are visit our visit to discuss cooperation matters, the hospitality of our leadership. And with customers to detailed communication of display turntable product sales circumstances in the our country. After customers visited our company production processes of electric turntable and manual turntable and BKL new turntable products (cosmetics display turntable, mannequin prop turntable, jewelry display turntable). At the same time, customers praised our present situation of production,and production proces, product quality and technical level.

Through this visited, both have a common cooperation intention, customers signed a purchase contract. At the same time, And customer said very glad to visit our company, and thank our enthusiasm and reception and to my company And have a good deep impression of our working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and product of the latest technology.

The visit of foreign customers, not only to strengthen the exchanges between our company and foreign customers, And have a solid foundation of further internationalization of Shenzhen BKL technology electric turntable.

On the morning of February 21, 2014, Japan Co., Ltd. They are visited our company to discuss cooperation matters, the hospitality of our leadership.

Exchange study technical.

Product technical seminar.

Lead clients to visit the production workshop.

Clients understanding the machining process and production process.

Introduction of products and process of electric turntable processing.

Process of electric turntable assembly 1.

Process of electric turntable assembly 2.

Process of electric turntable assembly 3.

Guarantee of the quality of production and processing of electric turntable.

Record customer's problem and provide the new improvement plan for the customer.

Customers are satisfied and smiled with the improved program.